Angora News April 2021

Well, I’ve had my second injection now and kidding is just about finished – just a couple of stragglers left, so it should be full steam ahead for when all the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

The problem is that I have got so used to just staying on the farm that I am quite reluctant to change my ways. I think I will be keeping on-line groceries deliveries for a while yet.

I’m also feeling my age (74 last week) and struggling with IT changes. I’m trying to do my BPS and Countryside Stewardship applications and haven’t yet been able to manage to verify my identity (I’ve been with Experian in the past). I’ll have another go tomorrow but my smartphone doesn’t want to scan my passport! I am fairly up-to date with IT matters but I wonder how other less able farmers are managing. Maybe it is time to retire!

Certainly the post-Brexit changes to farm payments will be interesting to say the least. How is everyone else dealing with the new ELMS arrangements? Possibly that will be a conversation topic when we next get to meet in person. Zoom meetings are all very well and certainly much better than nothing but we are missing the outside meetings chats in the kitchen over coffee.

Here’s hoping we have a good get together at Malvern in July or at Devon. Please let me know if you want to come to the meal at the Swan in Hanley on Tuesday 20th July.

Good luck to everyone for the remainder of Spring.

Jo Beswick

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