Shearing, Sorting and Packing Your Mohair


  • SHEAR by groups in age order – youngest first and end with older males
  • SHAKE out second cuts and short hair
  • CLEAN the fibre:
  • REMOVE grossly stained fleece (but only the really dark urine stains) and remove all artificial stains
  • REMOVE severely seed contaminated fleece
  • REMOVE large thorns, leaves, pieces of hay, straw and baler twine
  • WEIGH AND RECORD your fleeces
  • PACK similar fleeces together, compressed into BMM PAPER sacks
  • TIE securely with white natural fibre string
  • LABEL clearly with an indelible pen on the sack. Use 2” letters for your name, membership number and grade or age of fleece (eg. kid, young goat, adult or 1st, 2nd, 3rd clip etc). Put the same info on a slip of paper inside the bag
  • RECORD your bag info and total gross weight and send a copy with your fleece

STORE your mohair, if necessary, in a dry barn on wooden pallets.


  • USE polypropylene or other man-made string or cheap sacking and make sure no man-made baler twine offcuts are in your fleece. One small piece, accidentally in a TOP, will mean the loss of a buyer for good
  • PACK wet fleece – dry thoroughly before packing
  • GRADE unless you have experience
  • USE tie on labels – they get lost in handling